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    rascist and discriminative dating site

    I tried to put on a profile on that dating site, but I have been rejected cause my profile didn't match "their requirements". I am black, I have looked every single profile on the site and there is not only one black person. I write to the customer service and they tell me that my description or picture wasn't good enough. I try the next day to re-make a profile with the same exact details and description but put the picture of a white friend of mine. I have been accepted in a couple of hours. I then write to the customer service again to confront them and ask them to explain why the same profile with a white person picture was then accepted, not only that they don't answer to me, they make the new profile disappear without any further notice. I guess they realize it was the same person and they didn't want to leave any trace since I have frightened to sue them for racial profiling. Hopefully there's always traces left on internet, and my lawyer is now preparing a complaint against that site. Also the so called "elite profiles" has no sense and are irrelevant. first because you can find student, teachers, every kind of "simple" profession not requiring high level education at all. And it would be easy to anyone to lie and pretend to be an educated high level person since there is absolutely no verification. And it is a Danish page, I realized that a bit too late after they "rejected" me...Well danemark is not really known for it open mind and multiculturalism... Anyway, white or black, avoid this page, it is just another scam with a few genuine profile and the others are as low as on any crapy kinky dating site.

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